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SONORIFIC Acoustics is your trusted source for noise control solutions. We complete the growing demand for acoustical finishes, noise and virbation control in the commercial, educational, governmental, industrial and residential markets.

SONORIFIC Acoustics  provides technical Consulting & co-ordination services, design, system  integration development to a variety of clients & organizations in different areas of work in the services of Broadcast, radio & audio-video industry.

Sonorific acoustics has qualified & expert engineers for System Integration & Installations.

Our  focus is to work with Acousticians, Architects, Engineers and Owners in developing cost effective and aesthetically attractive solutions.

As your acoustical consultant, we can provide professional engineering services including a sound survey, acoustic engineer, noise analysis, feasibility studies and expert witness testimony.  Call today to discuss your consulting needs.
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» Custom/office acoustics
» Commercial/building acoustics
» Industrial acoustics
» Broadcast Equipments
» Turnkey solutions for FM Radio stations,
   T.V stations and Auditoriums...
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